Green Policy

Green Policy

We are dedicated to working practices that are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Our ability to plan years in advance for future events means that we are used to working in the long term. In this day and age it is impossible to truly claim to be forward-thinking without taking the environment into consideration.

To illustrate our on-going commitment, we have teamed up with Green Tourism, the largest and most established certification programme for tourism-related businesses that are keen to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Green Tourism offers credible, trustworthy, independent guidance to businesses wishing to operate sustainably and show their commitment to the environment.

Archer Yates has been awarded the Silver standard which means that we do the following:

  • Share our commitment to going green with both staff and customers
  • Use recycled products where possible as well as recycling to close the loop
  • Source supplies from ethical suppliers (locally wherever possible) and we are working to green our whole supply chain
  • Monitor resource use such as energy, water and waste to help to deliver significant changes

In addition to the things recognised by Green Tourism, we also do the following:

  • We currently have a green co-ordinator who is working to reduce our environmental impact in all key areas of our business
  • At all our events we encourage our venues to respond to a supplier’s screening questionnaire so that we can have a say in how sustainable our events can be
  • We promote the use of public transport to our delegates and provide them with information on how to be sustainable when travelling to our events
  • We collaborate with our venues to make sure that our events are as eco-friendly as possible; during the preparation and clean up phases, as well as during the event itself
  • The majority of our events use up to date applications and technologies, which help us improve on our sustainability, and we advise other event planners to do the same