Event Consultancy

Event Consultancy

If your business organises events and you feel it could benefit from a thorough review of its processes, to ensure that everything is being run in a dynamic, cost-effective and efficient manner, Archer Yates can help.

Our considerable experience of event management and our proven track record of organising and delivering successful conferences and events, means that we are perfectly placed to provide independent consultancy services to any organisation currently running their own events.

One of our clients for event consultancy is The Royal Society of Medicine who, following a recent assignment, said of Archer Yates:

“We engaged Archer Yates to review our events process at the Royal Society of Medicine and to work with us to identify opportunities for improvement. Their consultancy was professional, knowledgeable and well-structured. They worked with us to get an honest and insightful understanding of what we do and how this benchmarks with others. They then recommended straight forward and focussed solutions that are both practical and deliverable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as event consultants for anyone looking to understand how they can drive their organisation to make things much better and not just different.”

Nigel Collett - Operations Director, The Royal Society of Medicine

Using our team’s varied experience and in-depth knowledge, we specialise in supporting organisations in reviewing their events process, managing organisational development and delivering strategic insight into new opportunities.

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Our event consultancy services
Cost Analysis
From the headline cost of the venues, right down to the catering and every element of your delegate packs, Archer Yates examines where finances were allocated for your past events and looks at where money can be saved without compromising the quality of future occasions.
Marketing Evaluation
Are you reaching your target audiences at the right times and on the channels and devices that they most commonly use? Our industry expertise and our commitment to using the latest technology means that we are perfectly placed to review your marketing strategies and make suggestions for ways in which they can be streamlined and improved.
Sponsorship Development
Selecting the right sponsors is key to successful, cost-effective events and our team's experience in analysing the options, approaching potential businesses and managing chosen partners means we are ideally placed to advise you on how to do the same.
Venue Appraisal
Both the city and the building/buildings you choose to host your events are essential to their success, but high-profile, city-centre venues are often prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses. We use our expertise to ensure that your venues strike just the right balance for your events, your delegates and the person in charge of the purse strings!
Organisational Development
Our experienced team can work with the people in your organisation to ensure that the structure and processes in place are working as efficiently as possible. A fresh pair of eyes on your set up can often detect weaknesses and opportunities for improvement that can save you valuable time and money.