Meet The Team: Anna Flory

ANNA FLORY – Bookkeeper

Background - With two decades of financial experience gained in the banking and accounting industries, Anna Flory joined Archer Yates Associates as a Bookkeeper to further strengthen the brand with her indomitable financial skill set.

AAT accredited, Anna has great insight into the day-to-day pressures and pleasures of running businesses, having owned her own bookkeeping company for the last 5 years.

Specialising in providing financial reporting, cash flow management, business planning and accounting, Anna offers her bookkeeping services with personality and passion.

In her spare time Anna is very active in supporting her children’s sporting activities. She also manages a local ladies hockey team and takes great pleasure in the simple things in life like colourful post-it notes, cool stationery and lists. She was made to be a bookkeeper!

Tea or Coffee? Tea

My day is not complete if I haven’t… Eaten some chocolate

My favourite quote is… Eat that Frog! - Brian Tracy

My bucket list starts with… “50 things to do before I’m 50”